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Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews

Himalayan yak cheese dog chews are one of the fastest-growing dog treats in Canada, and rightfully so!

They’re made using an ancient Himalayan recipe originating from Nepal, which include 100% natural ingredients – yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt. 

These long-lasting chews are perfect for dogs of any size. Once they try their first yak chew, they’ll be barking for more!

Dog Chewing Yak Chew

Yak Cheese Chews - An ancient recipe from Nepal

Yak cheese chews for dogs have their origins intertwined with the cultural heritage of Nepal, a country graced by the majestic Himalayas.

These chews are a result of traditional practices that have been passed down through generations in the regions where yaks, robust animals well-suited to the harsh mountain conditions, are found. The method of crafting these chews harnesses the abundance of yak milk, which is carefully processed and transformed into durable and flavorful treats.

The unique environment, where yaks graze on wild and natural vegetation, imparts a distinct nutritional quality to the milk and subsequently to the chews. The resulting product embodies both the resourcefulness of the people and the pristine landscapes of Nepal, making it a truly special delight for dogs around the world.

Benefits of Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews

Yak cheese dog chews come with an endless number of benefits for your dogs, making them the perfect treat!

100% Natural & Healthy

Yak chews are made with 100% yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt. They're free from artificial additives, making them a safe and wholesome choice for your dogs!

Promotes Dental Health

Yak chews promote dental hygiene by encouraging chewing, which can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, leading to healthier teeth and gums.

Long-Lasting Chews

The chews' tough texture offers extended chewing satisfaction, keeping your dog engaged and entertained, thereby minimizing boredom-related behaviors.

Limited Ingredients

With minimal ingredients, these chews are less likely to trigger allergies, making them a potential choice for dogs with sensitivities.


Yak cheese chews are rich in protein, providing essential nutrients that support your dog's muscle development and overall vitality.

Mental Stimulation

Chewing is a natural behavior that engages a dog's mind, and these chews provide a stimulating way to fulfill that instinct for hours and hours!

Odor Control

The natural chews can help combat bad breath by promoting better oral hygiene and reducing bacteria that contribute to foul odors.

Energy Expenditure

Engaging in chewing can help burn off excess energy, making these chews a helpful tool for managing hyperactivity or restlessness.

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The Himalayan Co. is one of the most popular suppliers of Himalayan yak cheese chews in Canada.

Our chews are imported directly from Nepal and are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved. They then go through our internal quality control process to ensure only the highest quality chews make it to our customers.

 Doggy-Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Have more questions? Find the most commonly asked questions below!

Absolutely! Yak chews for dogs have been enjoyed by many furry companions and are generally considered safe when used as intended.

However, as with any pet product, it’s recommended to closely observe your dog while they’re chewing and consult with your veterinarian if you have specific concerns about your dog’s health or dietary needs.

In fact, not only are they safe, they also provide several different benefits for your dogs!

The Himalayan Co. yak cheese chews are made only from 4 all-natural ingredients – yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt.

The key ingredient is yak milk, sourced from the rugged terrains where these remarkable animals graze on untamed vegetation. The milk is meticulously processed, with moisture removed to yield a concentrated substance rich in nutrients and proteins.

This condensed milk is combined with a hint of lime juice, which facilitates curdling. The resulting mixture is transformed into a pliable dough, skillfully shaped into sticks.

After shaping, the pieces are left to air-dry or smoked gradually, solidifying into the characteristic hardness that offers lasting satisfaction to dogs. This drying phase is crucial, eliminating residual moisture and negating the need for artificial preservatives.

The outcome is a Himalayan yak cheese chew!

Yak cheese chews are traditionally crafted in regions such as the Himalayas, including places like Nepal, where the natural environment and time-honored practices contribute to the creation of these special treats.

As dogs around the world relish these chews, they unknowingly partake in a small piece of Nepal’s legacy, echoing through each satisfying chew.

The size of yak chew you should buy depends on the size of your dog. Big chews are overwhelming for little puppies while small chews won’t last long with bigger dogs.

Please refer to the size chart below to find out exactly which size yak chew to purchase for your dog or puppy!

Yak Chew Size Chart

The longevity of yak chews varies based on factors such as the size of the chew, the dog’s chewing habits, and the specific brand or production process. Generally, yak chews are renowned for their durability, designed to withstand the persistent chewing of dogs over an extended period. A single yak chew can last anywhere from days to weeks, depending on the size of the chew and the intensity of your dog’s chewing.

For dogs that are moderate chewers, a yak chew might endure for several days, gradually breaking down as the dog works through it. In the case of more enthusiastic chewers, the chew might be consumed at a faster rate, but still, provide hours of enjoyment. Some yak chews are intentionally fashioned into various shapes and sizes, allowing pet owners to select the appropriate chew for their dog’s size and chewing style.

It’s important to note that as the chew gets smaller with continued use, you should monitor its size to prevent any risk of choking. Additionally, offering the chew in controlled intervals can help prolong its lifespan and ensure safe consumption. Overall, the enduring nature of yak chews makes them a favored option for pet owners seeking longer-lasting, engaging treats for their furry companions.

When these chews become too tiny to chew, simply pop them in the microwave and they turn into delicious yak cheese puffs!

You can order them right here on our website! We’re proudly Canadian and sell only the highest-quality yak chews for your dogs.

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