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Collagen Sticks for Dogs

Collagen sticks for dogs have gained significant popularity in Canada due to their potential benefits for canine health and wellness. The main appeal lies in the collagen’s potential to aid in maintaining healthy joints and providing essential nutrients for a glossy coat!

These sticks are prized for their natural one-ingredient composition, which resonates with pet owners seeking wholesome options for their furry companions.

Collagen Sticks for Dogs

What are Collagen Sticks for dogs?

Collagen is a pivotal protein that is typically found in connective tissues, cartilage, and skin, of animals. The protein is essential for promoting healthier skin, aiding in digestibility, and increasing overall joint comfort and flexibility. Humans have been taking collagen supplements since the 1970s.

Due to the surplus of benefits, they can now be found as specialized dog supplements in the form of sticks or chews in Canada.


Collagen sticks for dogs are crafted with care, made only from one natural ingredient—beef corium which is derived from the inner layer of cow skin. Corium contains elements that are super rich in collagen, and the elasticity of corium makes it safe for dogs to consume.

Collagen sticks are designed to be convenient and palatable, presenting dogs with a tasty treat while all of the benefits you’ll find below!


Benefits of Collagen Sticks for dogs

Collagen sticks and chews offer several different benefits for your dog, making them healthier and satisfied with their treat!

Lucious skin & Coat

Collagen's potential to enhance skin health might lead to more comfortable skin and a lustrous coat, showcasing a dog's vitality and well-being.

Promotes Joint & Bone Health

Collagen can contribute to healthier joints and bones. This leads to increased mobility, which is especially important for active and aging dogs.

Essential Nutrients

Collagen sticks offer crucial nutrients such as amino acids, which can complement your dog's overall health and bolstering their vitality.


Collagen sticks assist in maintaining dogs' digestive balance, potentially reducing discomfort and promoting smoother digestion.

Promotes Dental Health

Collagen sticks help maintain oral health by encouraging dogs to chew, promoting gum stimulation and potential plaque reduction.

Low Fat Content

Collagen sticks are low in fat, offering a potentially healthier treat option for dog owners that are conscious of their dog's fat intake.

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Indeed! As long as you purchase collagen sticks from a reliable source, they are a safe supplement choice for your dog and offer many different health benefits.

In addition, with any pet product, it’s recommended to closely observe your dog while they’re chewing and consult with your veterinarian if you have specific concerns about your dog’s health or dietary needs.

The Himalayan Co. Collagen Sticks for dogs are crafted from only one natural ingredient: corium found within the inner layer of cow skin.

Corium is rich in collagen, which offers a range of benefits. This protein plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of connective tissues, such as skin, tendons, and cartilage. Its contributions to joint health and mobility are particularly noteworthy, as collagen supports the cushioning and flexibility of joints.

When selecting a collagen stick size for your dog, it’s crucial to keep their individual attributes in mind.

  • For dogs with lighter weights, such as small breeds, a 6-inch collagen stick could be suitable
  • Larger dogs, especially those with more substantial weights, might find a 12-inch collagen stick more fitting for their chewing needs

Always remember that individual preferences and habits can differ, so observing your dog while they enjoy the stick is important to ensure their satisfaction and safety.

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